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Digital and paperless to provide optimal processes in wine cellar

From the press to wine analysis to bottling

All measured values viewable - including the fermentation curve

Even if the harvest is busy and the wine is going through the first changes in the tank, you have everything in view with the production process and the value statistics in Vinou-Cellar. You can compare all values that you have recorded with each other.

Digital communication to the wine laboratory

Sending analysis jobs manually is a thing of the past. From now on you can send analysis orders directly from Vinou-Cellar. Vinou-Cellar generates a bottle label for you with a digital data record for your wine laboratory. Print out the label, stick it on the bottle, and off to the laboratory!

Wines, containers, materials - perfectly organized

Vinou-Cellar offers you a simple interface to optimally organize your wine cellar. The first click leads you to an overview of all work steps for each wine. The container overview gives you an overview of all fill levels and the material store is always up-to-date.

Sale of barrel wine without any paperwork

Vinou-Cellar offers you a unique opportunity to digitally release your barrel wine for a recipient. Immediately after you have released the corresponding amount, the future owner will have the option of booking your barrel wine as an additional purchase.

Optional fully automated wine bookkeeping - approved by the viticulture authority

If you wish, the system will do the wine bookkeeping for you fully automatically. You can correct and edit your entries at any time with legal certainty, because Vinou-Cellar is approved by the viticulture authority and at no extra cost.

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From harvest to bottling, with Vinou-Cellar you can easily do your work in the cellar digitally and from any device, and ultimately save a lot of time. With the help of automatically generated QR codes or NFC chips, you always end up in the correct wine account. The digital barrel wine sale enables you to transfer your wines to their new owner without paper and regardless of whether it is a smartphone, tablet or PC, the wine bookkeeping is fully automated.

Brief insight not enough? You can find detailed video instructions for Vinou-Cellar on our YouTube-Channel.

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Now work even faster in wine cellar!
With NFC chips on the tank to your digital cellar 2.0!

We work day after day to make your work in the basement easier. With QR codes on the tank you can access your wines directly and view the production process. Even better if you program an NFC chip with the QR code, so that you are equipped for adverse circumstances and always have everything in view.

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Until December 31, 2021 you will receive 10 NFC labels worth EUR 20 for your digital cellar 2.0 with a 12-month contract period if you conclude a contract! Pre-programmed on request for 10 tanks of your choice.

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This is what customers say about Vinou-Cellar

"Vinou-Cellar allows me to digitally document the work steps in the wine cellar during the grape harvest at any time and, above all, wherever. The paperwork therefore belongs in the wastepaper basket and nothing is lost. In addition, Vinou-Cellar is very user-friendly and uncomplicated. With just a few inputs and clicks, the work steps or material allowances are entered. "
Tobias Lufft, Lufft winery from Badenheim

"Vinou-Cellar brings cellar management into the digital age with very simple and clear operation and enables valuable data to be made available and evaluable. All legal aspects relating to proper cellar bookkeeping are also mapped. An innovative and indispensable one Tool for all oenologists and decision-makers in the wine industry. "
Kirk Bauer, Managing Director KTW GmbH & amp; Co.KG

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