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The #teamvinou

One team, one philosophy, one goal

Our Philosophy

Digitalization - Saving time for your goal

Digitalization allows you to concentrate on what is important to you. If used correctly, digital processes save you a lot of time on a daily basis. Vinou allows you to invest your time in the quality of your products rather than your office.

Networked and automated - your data where it is needed

Our technical development enables you to transport your wine data directly to where it is needed. We work every day to ensure that your data finds its way from the cellar to the end customer, automatically and in real time.

User in focus - Easy to use as corporate DNA

Working with a software on a regular basis must be fun, only then you instinctively reach for your smartphone at any time to do your daily work. That's why simple and cross-device operation is essential for us.


Our Goal

Through our platform we want to make all wines available where they are needed. Day by day we are committed to bringing all companies in the wine industry closer together and to automate the many unnecessary office tasks, whether in the cellar or in the wine shop.