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The simple eLabel solution for wine producers

Included free of charge for Vinou-Office customers!

Vinou eLabel:
Simple, cost-effective and legally secure!

The Vinou eLabel provides everything so that the wine label is ready for the new EU regulation. From December 8th, 2023, all newly produced wines must display nutritional information and ingredients on the label. With the eLabel, producers have the opportunity to digitally outsource this wine information using a QR code. With the Vinou eLabel we provide a solution that stores all the necessary information in a legally secure manner and makes it available via any number of QR codes.

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*only until December 31, 2023 and if you take out a minimum term of 12 months, thereafter EUR 20 per month. all prices are plus VAT


  • 500 eLabels per year (unlimited for Vinou-Office customers)
  • Automatic calculation of nutritional information and ingredients
  • extensive data management relating to wine
  • self-managed QR codes
  • user-friendly interface

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Your labels with the Vinou-eLabel.
The most important functions at a glance!

Automatic nutritional value calculation
Once all analytical measurements have been entered in your wine, the Vinou eLabel calculates all values ​​for energy, carbohydrates and sugar fully automatically. You can also have the ingredients determined automatically and the allergens can be managed conveniently and easily via the intuitive interface.

Dynamic QR codes
Our QR code module is an integral part of all Vinou products. You can easily set the QR codes for each wine and also link them to the created eLabel via the interface. This way you can generate the QR codes for printing in advance and only connect the eLabel when all the measured values ​​are there.

Manage legal texts!
The eLabel is only truly legally secure with a valid legal notice and a data protection agreement. That's why you can easily manage your legal texts with the Vinou eLabel.

Already knew? Price lists and expertise included!

In addition to the eLabel, you can also use our software to create your expertise and your price lists. All documents receive the slim and timeless Vinou design and can later be improved with individual templates.

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